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Perfect Forms S.O.S. Liposolution, 15 units

Price: $91.90

Item Number: 910899

S.O.S. Liposolution is a special treatment for localized accumulations and stubborn cellulite.

It attacks cellulite from the heart of the cells to achieve improved contours on the thighs, a better-refined waist and hips and visibly reduced cellulite. The skin becomes smoother and its quality and appearance improves.

Its ultra-concentrated formula, with rigorously selected ingredients is able to attack cellulite on several fronts:
  • Grape Extract (enriched with 6% ε-viniferin), with an activity that is 30 times greater than pure caffeine* and makes this concentrate a powerful and specialized "fat-burner" for the most persistent cellulite.
  • Chrysanthemum Extract with two different actions that, without doubt improve the efficiency of the anti-cellulite formula.

On the one hand, S.O.S. Liposolution has a double action that optimizes the lipolytic activity of the grape extract that is rich in e-viniferin. And on the other hand, it has an anti-cellulite activity based on limiting the fat stock on the adipocyte. The reducing results will stablize thorough time, even after finishing the treatment.


In addition to these two ingredients, S.O.S. Liposolution has another important new quality:
  • Active texture: It "merges" with the skin, allowing quicker and deeper penetration, maximizing the action of the ingredients.


Each ampoule contains enough product for two applications. The product is applied on the thighs, hips and other stubborn areas massaging until it is totally absorbed. S.O.S.Liposolution provides slight heat. This sensation of heat is intensified when it is applied immediately after showering.
A 3.4 oz. tube of Liposolution is also available as part of the Perfect Forms Elastific promotional package.


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